lip – why today’s quality of philippine tv programming has no sparkle

The problem I see with Philippine entertainment is the lack of choices. Even if I wanted to watch more high brow Filipino entertainment, it just doesn’t exist. Or if it does, the production value is so low it’s almost cringy. The common Filipino has ABS-CBN and GMA to choose from, and between them, there’s not a lot of smart programming available. Using ‘Murica as an example because it’s what I’m most familiar with, the big networks have a catalog covering everything from travel, reality trash, procedural, educational, to high brow. I got lots of options. But in the PH, the local networks’ primetime shows are the same ole shit remade and recycled. How much of this is due to laziness, and how much is due to the nature of the market? Can these networks justify the costs of creating something smarter and with better production, or are they just too lazy to create something unique since they’re already making bank on photocopying old stories onto new faces?

dievraag via Reddit, copy-edited

In Japan, there’s NHK, where a sentimental morning drama, a weekly jidaigeki (period drama) and a year-long “Taiga drama” holds the line on their top-quality drama offerings, plus the year-end special Red and White Song Battle to show the might of the Japanese music industry; these can be called “entertainment”! And there’s TV Tokyo, the network I’m head over heels for their vast anime catalog; these can also be called “entertainment”!

But here in the Philippines, there’s ABS-CBN and GMA, and their programming quality is…

…hideous! Rotten! Spoiled! Dreadful! Horrendous! Terrible! Garbage! Intolerable! MIERDA!!!!

  • There’s basically nil intellectual programs broadcast on these networks! Even if they had one, expect it to be low-quality, or (in the case of an acquired program) incorrectly scheduled, or both! ABS-CBN had a stint of these programs in the past, but not today!
  • They have no respect for anime! GMA does air anime, but cut to 15 minutes of airtime and without the OP and ED sequences! The opening and ending songs are (in their own right) the best parts of the anime ever, together with the stories itself!
  • They disregard children’s usual viewing hours! In the USA (pre-FCC intervention), children wake up to cartoons like Yogi Bear, Tom and Jerry, and Scooby-Doo (do you think the 1987 Sylvanian Families cartoon aired on Saturdays?)! But here on Saturday afternoons, it’s Rated SPG! Court drama, crime show, and a wish show, all showing at one point, violence! Also, some anime like One Piece were supposed to be aired in the afternoon, but was relegated to mornings during the school season (children in the Philippines usually go to school as early as 7:30 am on weekdays)!
  • TOO MANY TELESERYES! This post explains enough of why this had to be the biggest problem!

What are the things I want from these two?

  • Consider intellectual programs into their schedules! That way, people will be more smart, not to become stupid from these programs!
  • Give utmost respect to anime! They need to either:
    • Schedule the anime for afternoons and primetime, reserve the mornings for the summer vacation! Afternoons as well as summer vacation morning (latter for the most maximum exposure) are times that most children are at home watching TV!
    • Air all of the content; ALL OF IT! Every last second, don’t cut EVEN a single scene!
    • DO NOT CUT THE OP AND ED SEQUENCE! What will happen to anime fans if they did not get to hear their favorite songs? Even children want to sing to the tune of Oto Melody, among others!
  • Regulate the teleseryes they are airing! They should not take up too much advertisement time, limit the total number of teleseryes airing on any single day, and even RESTRICT THE AIRING ONLY TO LATE PRIMETIME OR LATE NIGHTS!!

Or if TV Tokyo were to be here in the country, that will counter the Big Two’s run for the money, that’s for sure!

バイリル~♪ りっぷちゃん

Featured Image from Rilu Rilu Fairilu (as shown on TV Tokyo)


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