lip – magpahanggang wakas vs alyas robin hood

Photo courtesy of Pinoy TV Police

Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Lip, and welcome to the Mother Ignacia, the home of the dead souls and its dreams once shattered by the ABS-CBN, now an arena of hatred rising and emanating across the country!!

* an audience of one million cheer loudly, hyping for the incoming competitors *

Image from Rilu Rilu Fairilu

And now, From The Tube and Chitetskoy Chronicles, in association with JRDV’s World, PTV and Gloria’s Fantasyland, present, “THE WORLD SERIES OF MONEY, EINS SEPTEMBER 2016“!!

* an audience of one million continue to cheer loudly *

This match is sanctioned by Kantar Media and AGB Nielsen, and the advertisers and companies judging the match are:

Proctor & Gamble with Safeguard!




And the referee of the match is!? LILYBETH G. RASONABLE!!

* an audience of one million continue to cheer very loudly *

5 rounds for the estimated cash prize of 560 MILLION PESOS!! Introducing first, in the violet corner; a couple by the name of Waldo & Aryann, two young lovers tightly connected until an accidental crime allegedly dealt by the then supposedly killed former, and with Tristan complicating their relations! Ladies and gentlemen, fighting out of ABS-CBN, making their debut, Jericho Rosales, Arci Muñoz and John Estrada, presenting…


* an audience of one million cheer at the violet corner participants *

And from the blue corner; a man by the name of Pepe, arrested for allegedly killing Jose, now assuming the Robin Hood persona to seek justice! This show got a lot of controversy over allegations of ripping off Warner Bros’ Arrow! Ladies and gentelemen, direct from GMA, making their debut, Dingdong Dantes, presenting…


* an audience of one million boo and hurl insults at the blue corner participant, Dingdong Dantes *

Ladies and gentlemen, ARE YOU READY!!??

* an audience of one million continue to cheer even more loudly *

In the name of the Gods, as I yell upon the words of Michael Buffer…


* an audience of one million cheer extremely loudly *

* boxing bell rings 12 times *

Featured Image courtesy unknown (as of this post)

Recent update: Lip image caption edit, misspelled final words for post corrected


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