from timowparagas to sapphie – the state of the philippine television address of 2016

Timow, one of the critics, gave an address in regards to the current state of the Philippine television landscape. In my own words, the current paths the major terrestrial networks took were to right now get us nowhere to see REAL quality programming; too much dependence on their in-house talents, dramas, and the other like. Even the minors were perceived to be under disarray. I myself have to deal with a lot of the kabitserye, landiserye, and even craving for what some of them are wanting: UNCUT anime (even the OP and ED); let alone airing on the same timeslot as what teleseryes were to air (afternoons and primetime). I hope that this will make people want real change.


Timow's Turf

(Note: This address serves both as part of the 63rd anniversary of Philippine television and as a thank you post for reaching 50,000 hits last Tuesday.)


Timow’s Turf was made for insights on Philippine television programming whatever possible as a complement to other bloggers. Lately this year, I made some changes for a more comprehensive thinking and sentiments — that’s why I posted roughly every two weeks with thousands of words.

Moving right along, I am addressing today to untangle the perennial complicated cesspool that indoctrinated us to follow the false dilemma fallacy and senseless and triumphant fanaticism that contributed the endless decades-long competitive hostility.

Such symptoms do not only happen right now in our Government — particularly, under the new administration — but it happened since time immemorial in this different field. In short, the state of Philippine television is adverse.

Words cannot be said…

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