lip – is gma bleeding a lot of money

Rose: Lip, a question. Is GMA, according to critics, about to become a sore loser?
Sumire: I’m afraid they could be going down that path, if you’re talking in a financial sense.
Rose: Then, let’s blabber about this. Lip, can you explain what’s is simply wrong about GMA?
Lip: I think that the network was pushing themselves too hard, because they just wanted to beat the scheiße out of ABS-CBN, but there is one problem. They’re draining their financial energy just to do that.
Rose: And in regards to the current look on their actual look, that not gonna to do some justice right now. Plus, a review I just had to recite.
Himawari: What’s that you’re going to recite?
Rose: Like this!

Cue music: Labyrinth I – Cerulean Woodlands from Etrian Odyssey IV

Rose: As far as the viewing public and (of course) the masses are concerned, GMA once had a noticeable track record concerning fantasy dramas (for brevity reasons I’ll have to name them fantaserye and telefantasya, depending on the network). To name a few were Mulawin, Encantadia 2005, Dyesebel and Captain Barbell. These made GMA knock some rounds out of ABS-CBN, but they obviously didn’t realize that the creation of such telefantasyas came AT A HIGH PRICE.

Cue depressing music

Rose: Do you think that GMA is improving themselves on the more technical side than on the creative side? Let’s compare against their rival ABS-CBN.

  • High definition production. ABS-CBN today airs mostly in 1080i or 720p, save for its news programs, but GMA? They don’t have the money to upgrade their production equipment and facilities in order to even broadcast in 720p. The only HD programs GMA’s airing right now are almost exclusively foreign programs! See how the others around the world are ahead of them? Americans are now on the verge of going 2160p!
  • VOD services. ABS-CBN has iWanTV, but GMA? Are they even preparing to archive their programming?
  • Regional power. ABS-CBN now have launched a channel dedicated to regional programming. Among of them were the regional versions of TV Patrol. But GMA? They slaughtered them instead, just to save money!
  • What are the evident others? Even the talent agency mismanagement, lack of sports, a simple budget for a Christmas station ID, et cetera.

Rose: Any questions on how GMA can turn around this gross mismanagement crisis?
Lip: Does airing new anime costs money for both business and copyright reasons?
Sumire: I’m de facto sure that this will be out of the question.
Rose: Correct. Right now, the only solution that is definitely feasible is someone to buy the company directly.
Sumire: Is that the solution? Looks like no one wants to buy GMA, let alone having a Samaritan heart to do such a thing.
Himawari: And what will happen if GMA eventually goes bankrupt?
Rose: It’s not only GMA who will ultimately put the state of Philippine TV in ruins. TV5 is also having some problems in regards to programming, and even worse. ABS-CBN’s franchise will expire in March 30 2020; that’s about three and a half years from now.
Lip: And if that were to also happen, then what’s next after 2020?
Rose: One solution in our mind right now is TV Tokyo, but I think that some new TV franchises are to be opened up recently, so we’ll have to monitor the situation for now.
Lip: I second that!


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