sapphie – our year in hindsight, christmas 2016

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Since the persistent WordPress bug that won’t let the blog post pages in the new unified site UI show up has caused Lip some headaches, I’ll take over the blog for now. But anyway, Christmastime demands a Christmas Day post, as well as the new year’s eve and day posts. Let start this up, shall we?

Christmastime is a period of reflection for some people, and here we also want to look back at the tales of the telly for the now departing year. This post will cover everything about this year in Philippine TV in my own words.

Edited Image courtesy unknown (as of this post)

Tawag Ng Tanghalan versus Kalyeserye
The second half of 2015 marked a social sensation; the rise of the AlDub tandem. The Kalyeserye segment of GMA’s Eat Bulaga noontime variety program not only broke an international record plus gave birth to the A-List careers of the tandem, but also beaten ABS-CBN’s It’s Showtime to a pulp, but not before the first moments of this year that a singing competition from the days of Philippine TV at its infancy were called in.

Tawag Ng Tanghalan, coupled with Paolo Ballesteros’ seven-month suspension and (whispering to herself, “Lip…”) the fans’ apparent frustration over repetitive and predictable storylines, like with teleseryes, put It’s Showtime back on the black.

But with the new GMA teleserye Destined to Be Yours, it is guaranteed that we came to an end of an era for Kalyeserye, yet the legacy will live on for a while now.

Edited Image courtesy of Random Republika

Love Teams On Watch
ABS-CBN’s KathNiel, LizQuen, JaDine and ElNella, against GMA’s AnBie and AlNine. ABS-CBN’s two former loveteams reigned primetime while their latter two were just like storybooks: the JaDine-helmed On the Wings of Love, succeeded by the lost ElNella’s Born for You. But what about Till I Met You? Save it for the next section. Boo-hoo, GMA’s two loveteams over three teleseryes failed. Will they ever redeem themselves? Oh. About the next section…

Image courtesy of ABS-CBN

The Year Of SPG
ABS-CBN’s (we deem as) “pornoserye” Pasion de Amor, Tubig at Langis and Magpahanggang Wakas. GMA’s Sinungaling Mong Puso, The Millionaire’s Wife and Hahamakin ang Lahat. Come on, children are going to be pissed off about these programs! Even Juan Happy Love Story and A1 Ko Sa ‘Yo have to be given the piss-off!

Image courtesy of ABS-CBN

Kris Out
What about Kris TV? Well, the “queen of Philippine media” Kris Aquino stepped out of the TV spotlight, she’s now conquering a new frontier: the digital world. What replaced her however, is Magandang Buhay. Until now the people were tired of her, despite the contractual part.

Image courtesy of RFI

The Fall And Rise Of TV5 (?)
Original entertainment? The news? It seems that TV5 is having its worst year. We don’t know the history of the broadcaster’s recent decline since we only started this blog around mid-year, but what I just been told that VIVA Entertainment head Vic del Rosario tried to pump life back into its entertainment division with Ang Panday, Bakit Manipis ang Ulap, Born to Be a Star and Tasya Fantasya, but it failed. I thought that the Olympics were the only reason they done this!

Even the news got a case of the blues: Martin Andanar, Cherie Mercado, Mia Reyes among other were called into Duterte’s cabinet. The news was left to salvage itself.

Now TV5 will have to rely on TV shopping blocks, Tagalized canned programs and movies, the could-be-derelict News5 shows and the PBA. Chot, are you listening to Lip?

Image as shown on GMA

Pre-Noontime Ryzza Steps Down, Be My Lady Involved (?)
Well, TROPS just replaced her. Now that Ryzza Mae Dizon is about to enter her pre-teen years, that cute charm she had is now finally starting to lose its sparkle. To top it up, Be My Lady did had them for nearly a calendar year. Rare.

Image courtesy unknown (as of this post)

GMA, Still Stubborn
And it’s because of not just Encantadia (as the expenses involved in this telefantasya were too much for GMA, their eventual failure would be a fat bum), Alyas Robin Hood also (I cite you, yes, YOU, Lip!)

Image courtesy unknown (as of this post)

Maalaala Mo Kaya is still weaving real life stories of Filpinos into television tales of the modern society via letters since May 15, 1991, but what ABS-CBN also cares are their dramas: Ang Probinsyano and Doble Kara, within a month of each other.

Any Other Notables?

  • End Of A Late Night Era: Eight days into this year, German Moreno, the revered late-night variety show host died, bringing his show, Walang Tulugan with the Master Showman, with him.
  • CNN Philippines Transformed: Until now, HLN and CNN International show dominate the channel. That’s when Armie Jarin-Bennett, raised in the art of journalism under CNN, stepped in.
  • Government Bailout: PTV and IBC, still lackluster even until today. Oh, when will we see them in their perfect order again? Duterte?

Well, that says all for myself, but still a New Years’ Eve post is also in the planning. But anyway, I with you all a Happy Christmas.

バイリル~♪ サフィー

Featured Image courtesy unknown (as of this post)


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